First of all I have to thank all of my beautiful followers for the lovely and positivee feedbacks i got for my bride from Norway and best friend, Merutha. To be honest we never did a proper trial and all we ever tried were various makeup looks in Vegas. The jewelleries were selected few days before the wedding and the saree was pleated the day before. But the result and the feedback was AMAZING! We didn’t sleep at all the day before the wedding. I was so tired!  I mean, we all know how chaotic things can be in terms of wedding preparation as well as ensuring everything runs smoothly the way we want it. To top that, I had been unwell during the wedding time and used antibiotics to keep myself awake and alive to help my bestfriend.

So everything before the wedding felt upside down for me haha! I didn’t even have the energy to dance at the dancefloor at the wedding. Normally I’m the first person on the dance floor, but at her wedding I was feeling DEAD!

Anyway, I am so so happy for the outcome and the pictures looks seriously amazing. Not to mention Merutha does have some beautiful features so it is not that difficult to do a good job on her but I also must mention that if the makeup artist does not do a good job you can absolutely spoil the bride’s face

Merutha’s bridal look is definitely my kind of style. I love to do looks like that. The simplicity it has yet at the same time the clean bridal look. To my upcoming brides, please do take a look at these pictures. Don’t you want bridal looks like this for your day?


I know that Switzerland is very slow when it comes to fashion and Beauty updates. I hope I can push it to the next level. Till now, I always do what my brides ask for. But I do intend to create a signature look for my work and I would try to be more active of my brides’ decisions. Not in a way that I push them to create a look I like but create a look together to get the best version of themselves. I have never been that person who likes heavy of makeup, bright colours or stone work sarees.

Some brides are afraid if they wouldn’t look like a bride or maybe the female guests ending up looking more lovely than the bride herself. I mean come on, I have to be brutally honest with you all… we all tend to have crazy thoughts like this.

But you know what? The more clean and elegant the look is, the more the bride will shine inside out. At the end when you wear the jewellery, flowers and everything you will definitely look like a bride. So I hope my brides will stop worrying about others and focus on what YOU want to be done on YOU 😊

Also to all my future brides, I did get some inquires on whether if I do designing on bridal lenghas and matching sherwanis! Yes I do, so if you are getting married this year and are looking for any beautiful couple outfits send me an email and I will do my best to help you with it 🙂

Thank you! Have a great week ahead x



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I received few messages after I posted a mirror photo of myself wearing this fur coat from Nellis London on Instagram. People started disliking it and expressed their hate towards me along with telling me what I should or should not wear.

Yes, I have to be honest that I have no done enough research regarding the fur industry therefore, for some people my fur coat photo might have been very offensive and might have took it personally. I understand. I had been looking for a fur coat for long time like the one in the photo. Then I came across Nellis London’s Instagram profile and the price seemed decent so I decided to purchase it. I started thinking deeply about the fur industry and the few messages I received regarding the fur coat made me more concerned. I did not want to be a bad influence for my followers and people who truly love and support me… So I decided to send Nellis London a message to know more about the production and this is the reply I received:

I was really happy to hear that their products are sheared (meaning shaven off). So basically it’s the same as clip on extensions. When you go to a hair saloon and cut your hair, specially Indian hair, some of the saloons use the hair and turn it into hair extensions. We buy it and use it again. So long as we don’t kill the animal to reuse the fur or the hair I feel it is acceptable.

I hope those who were worried about the fur discussion got their answer.

I don’t want to be a bad influence for my followers at the same time I’m just me, I don’t want to hide anything to be a better person in your eyes.

Thank you for your understanding 🙂

Have a lovely week.



Hello everyone, I have a lot to fill you in with and the excitement is surreal even when I write about it. I was in London few weeks ago. It all started when my friend asked me to go to Swayawara show on Sunday 3rd December. Then I heard that Rachel Smith is doing a masterclass Saturday 2nd so I thought ‘why not! Might as well join the class when I land in London’ … and so I did.

Me and my friend Thushi planned to do a photoshoot together and we have been planning this for a long ago and now came the time where we had to implement it. I had the chance to be the model and the be the makeup artist for the same shoot. How blessed is that! The feeling was and still is amazing. As you have seen before on my social media platforms, I don’t do many model shoots because I feel I’m a bit too old for that. But in this case, that never was the barrier. Lol.

So the VIVAHAM shoot time came… and it became a massive hit and I am extremely happy to have been a part of that shoot. Everyone who worked behind this photoshoot, every person, every effort – all of us have received immense amount of love, motivation and appreciation for this photoshoot. Firstly, I want to thank you Vruddhi jewellery for asking me to be one of the models and also Thushi MUA for asking to collaborate with this wonderful team. The pictures also turned out great and all the photo credits go to Soozana and Ijeyash.

Here are few pictures from the shoot. If you wanna see more? Click into Makeup on the main menu and you will see more pictures from the shoot!

Vrddhi Shoot-117 Vrddhi Shoot-152 Vrddhi Shoot-193 Vrddhi Shoot-15

I think you already have seen the screenshots of the Swayawara shoot and I must say; I’m a little bit disappointed too when it comes to the masterclass. We didn’t get much information and updates about the masterclass. In the mail we received, we were told to attend at a certain time and that the goodie bags will be of a certain price value and turned out it wasn’t, along with no professional photographers and we waited hours before we got a proper response from the person who was responsible for arranging all of this. All the students who intended to take part in the master class were also disappointed.

So let’s all just hope for the best when incidents like this occurs again and that nobody is disappointed. We must make sure that every event we organise; no element is missed out and that we always have backup plans to cover up any mistakes we make. Because we always have people looking up to us and for our inspiration therefore we must be great examples on time management, for the youth.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a good time with family and friends ❤ I have numerous plans for 2018 and I cannot wait to tell you guys all about it!!

Have a great week ahead of you xx
Merry Christmas and happy holiday.

Botox & Juvederm

Hey everyone!
I posted about Botox and Juvederm on my Instastory from a few weeks ago. I have a lot of inquiries and most of them are interested and I am very happy for that although some are afraid about it too. Mostly because it’s the first time and secondly because they are afraid others will notice the difference knowing it has been done.
So here is my answer to all of you about that…
In Switzerland, everything used to be very, very late. When it comes to fashion, cosmetics or beauty treatments because Botox and Juvederm was very new and popular in Norway about 4 years ago. But in Switzerland it is becoming famous now as well as with beauty treatments like lashes. I have seen some work from other people who has done it before and are not satisfied. One reason for that is because the doctor hasn’t done it before here, so they don’t quite have the experience like people does in Norway. They perform Botox and Restylane on almost 10-15 people every day so they know exactly how to do it to get the best result!
The professional who is good at this is coming to Switzerland and is one of the best in Norway. When I had Clinic in Norway, I had the opportunity to do a collaboration with her and we even girls as young as 16-17 years old who asked for Botox and wanted to fill their lips with 2ml. And what is really good about her is that she informs her customers in detail about what they need and what they don’t need. Some professionals will just happily do what the customers say EXACTLY, simply to earn some money. But she works for satisfaction and ensuring her customers are well informed and are happy with the treatment they have received. She wants her customers to look natural and good so this way, you are in safe hands. We will be planning to do it in the second week of December.
You do not need to worry about people knowing this or not. What you talk with a doctor, stays confidential with her and nobody will know anything. Same with me, if you are interested to do some fillers, nobody will know your name or what you wanted to do. So please, do not worry about any of that.
So If anyone is interested, please contact me through WhatsApp 0041791761718 or mail
Thank you and have a good start of your weekday x



I am back after a long time and so sorry for not updating my blog lately. I have been so busy with bridal bookings, trials, pre-shoots and customers at my studio. I feel so blessed to be having a career which keeps me so busy. I have been in Switzerland for 1 year and now the support I have got from Swiss Tamil people is huge. I am so grateful to have such happy brides. Thankyou for those who are recommending me to others.

(Taken by SKS Photography)
Last weekend was the ‘Beat Your Heart 2017’. This year I was the makeup artist who collaborated with Yathra, which is the clothing line in Bern.
Paari from PNS Photography have become one of my friends and I would recommend him to everyone who is looking for a photographer for their wedding. Such a talented guy and the way he takes the photos are just WOW, next level! The first time I met him in Norway and until now, I can already see the professional growth in him! Amazing! Pretty sure I will see you somewhere else again in few years’ time Paari, thank you, you have my back! 😊
You will find all the behind-the-scenes pictures on my Facebook page: Thiva – Makeup and hair. And here are some my fav

Yathra kindly asked me to be one of their models to which I happily said YES at the end. First time I was wearing cancan on Wedding Ennum Thirumanam, IBC show. I think actually we were one of the first who introduced the Cancan to the Tamil community! You couldn’t see the Cancan skirt properly on the show as the saree and the skirt was similar colours. This time I tried 2 different colours to give a contrast because I just love mix and match – who doesn’t !!
What do you think? Do you like it?

IMG_3264 IMG_3269 IMG_3277 IMG_3278 IMG_3280 IMG_3284 IMG_3302 IMG_3304 IMG_3308 IMG_3310
(Taken by Paari, PNS Photography)
Finally, I have some time for blogging again! And honestly nothing feels better than talking to all of you and letting you know of everything that I have done which kept me busy. The high season is over and I have few bridal jobs the next weekends. So do remember to contact me through Mail or WhatsApp for bookings: / +41791761718. I had few customers who is texting me on snapchat to book me for their wedding. Please contact me through Mail or WhatsApp. I find it much easier!!

Thank you for your patience and understanding 💕
Have a great week ahead, take care xx



Finally, the vblog from Bahamas & Miami is out on my channel on youtube. Im so excited to hear your feedbacks 🙂

Do you like the vblog? I think this is kind of another level compared to those vblogs I posted from my previous trips.

Check it out and like, comment and share if you like it :*

(Don’t forget to turn on HD quality)



As you can see on my Instagram and Snapchat, I am absolutely enjoying my time in Miami with hubby! The weather is so hot therefore I had immense use of sun cream to prevent myself from having further sunburns! I am already sunburned like I am in hell.

Our hotel is really beautiful and we have the ocean as the view so we wake up to the ever so beautiful sunrise too!
We went to Key West, Everglades and tomorrow we are leaving for Bahamas. Excited! Buzzing! We bought a drone before we came down to Miami and everything is captured with the drone. I cannot wait to edit and show it all of you, you will fall in love with this place just like we have already!

So yeah, making good use of the technology while travelling; this is really next level amazing haha, love it!

I hope you are having a good time wherever you are. I am coming home soon to my house as a house wife 😂
I have a lot of wedding trials to take care of and still continue with moving out and putting more furniture into our new home. Cannot wait to show you the end result 😊

A lot of people have been asking me about the diet therefore I will soon do a post about the feedbacks on it
Thank you so much for your love, support and patience on all that I do 😊

Love from Miami x



Heylooo, to my wonderful readers! I miss you as much as you missed me! Nothing is better than writing to let you know what I’ve been up to, love staying connected with you guys! 😊
It’s been a long time since I updated my blog. Seriously, I have been quite busy with a lot of bridals jobs, as you might have evidently seen from my snaps and Instagram, and also because we are moving into our new house. Packing have started to move everything to our new house. So with so much going around, it’s been hard to just down and blog. Finally, I am back into this lol !
Since it’s our first anniversary, we are on our way to Miami as I write this. So more pictures and stories to share with you, cannot wait!!
I can’t believe it’s one year already since we got married! Even I used to complain that I have become more and more of a housewife haha! But looking back 1 year, it has been a roller coaster, still getting used to being a wife and loving it all along! As you know, any married will be, we too have ups and downs. You just HAVE TO get through some hard days to see the better days. I’m getting used to my life in Switzerland so things are getting better. Honestly, I cannot be thankful enough to all the prayers and immense support my family, friends and readers had and still have for me!! 😊

Anyway, I was at a function yesterday so took some pictures and it’s up on my Instagram you might have seen it already on my Instagram. Got so many compliments for the light blue dupatta that I was wearing. I think I should start wearing blue colour more, even dusty pink have become more of my favourite colour for the last few months.
Alright, we are about to take our flight to Miami from New York. So I will see you guys soon and stay in touch! Have a good week ahead ❤



It has been 3 absolute tiring days for me. This is the first time in my life that I decided to get stuck into a diet plan. I thought I was going to skip or be lazy or postpone it but guess that! I am so proud of myself because none of those negative thoughts came in so yes, 5 more days to go. Need to hang onto myself!

I’m doing an Aloe Vera detox for 9 days. This program will help you lose weight quickly and effective too. Some say 9 days it not enough or some might say 9 days is too long. Either way, I want to try this out and I have done enough research to ensure it won’t affect me negatively. So girls, PLEASE MAKE SURE you do enough research before trying out any diet plans or detox cleansing plans. Well within 3 days I lost 2 kg! Imagine the effectiveness and the impact it had on me so I am loving it! This plan basically focuses on low calorie plan and meal replacement drinks/ the main supplement is Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera is one of the best body cleaners. It cleanses out toxic matter from the stomach, kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and is the most effective colon cleanser. It has a lot of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fibre that your body needs.

First when I heard about the diet I did not believe in that. Therefore, I got curious about it and I thought it was just for promotion. I have tried to eat healthy previously as we all do but it’s really hard to keep up with it when you have a father-in-law at home who loves cooking. Ah, sigh! Well it’s with the mindset too guys. If you genuinely do not want to live a healthy lifestyle and is doing to please others then quite naturally you will fall back on it. Although, chocolates and white bread is out of my life right now and this program helped me start a healthy lifestyle. I only understand the value of the food today and sometimes I use to starve myself a lot; at times doesn’t eat at all. I know, very silly thing to do!

In these 3 days, I couldn’t even touch any food or fruits and now I understand that I should never throw out food in the garbage. Something to really value guys, some people only has one meal a day! Take less food on the plate first so you need more, just add more onto it so there will be no unnecessary wasting of food. This program has really changed my relationship with food to a better level. Because let’s be honest folks, sometimes you can do binge eating and just be really careless about your appetite by eating anything and everything. Later on in life, those consequences will show up as visible fat or other severe health risks along with it. You might think it is not vital to work on any of that because any negative signs are not showing on your body now. Don’t deceive yourselves. Believe me, you need to start working on yourself now! Along then comes a massive and positive difference and you will eventually amend good habits into your lifestyle. Not just physically, more mentally as well.

I cannot wait to show you the results in 5 days and to share it with all of you. I hope it would bring me back to how I used to be 1 year ago! After I’m done with this 9 days detox cleansing, I would start a healthy lifestyle and try my absolute BEST to maintain it! My food program is going to have an amazing change and I am already in track with fitness. So guys, it’s all about improving your mental state as well and I had to force myself to do all of this, none of it was a natural drive that I had one day when I woke up. The best results can be seen with hard work and perseverance. So I will keep all of you updated!

If you want to try out the same diet program, send me an email to – and I will explain you more about the program and where you can buy the products!

Happy Thursday 😊

Q & A

Do you listen Kygo’s music? 
Yes, I do! I find his music really good but he is not my fav artist!
What kind of workouts do you do? How often do you go to the gym /workout at home in a week?
Now I’m back on track with fitness. I try to at least hit the gym 3 times in a week. I normally do workouts for abs and my bottom downwards, specially thighs. But I know that it is really important to train your full body. I never train my arms or shoulder, I find it really boring.
Would you recommend chemical hair straightening? Of what do I have take care it I do it?
I recommend keratin treatment. It doesn’t damage your hair much as chemical hair straightening. You have to treat your hair with oil or any other kind of hair repair treatment.
What’s your height and weight? What do you do to have such a good skin and hair?
My passport says I’m 163 cm and right now I’m 57.1 kg. I have never weighed this amount before. Even a year ago I was 52kg which was my normal weight. Therefore my goal is to get back to that weight before summer. I’m going to do a diet in addition to that because you know, food matters as well so if that works I will do a post about that too.
What would u name ur kids?:) Btw i love ur blog, keep doing what ur doing cause u are so inspiring<3
My name for my kids are already taken. I love names like Angelica, Angelina etc. But I think those names are already given to upcoming kids. So when I’m pregnant and reaches that stage, then I will find out the name. Thank you for reading my blog. I’m glad to hear that!
Hope your doing good after so much travelling in the past time☺ You are doing several Jobs/Courses around the World. Would you like to only work in Switzerland and and maybe open a studio for clients/ work or would you like to do work like so far?
Yes, I am. Thankyou for asking. Hope you’re well too. No, my plan is to stay in Switzerland. It’s okay to travel and take customers here and there in a while. But when you do that all the time, I swear you will feel wrecked and just tired! Because it takes a lot of time to travel. You almost lose 2 days just for travelling itself. I’m going to open a studio on the ground floor on my new house, which is my plan. So the plan is to concentrate more on the studio will be what I’m looking forward to in the next coming months.
Which glasses are you wearing?
I bought the glasses from Forever21.
Are you a full time make up artist or are you a blogger? also what is your biggest inspiration?
Blogging is only a hobby for the moment. I use blogging as a way of communicating with all of you out there. I would rather say I’m a full time makeup artist than a full time blogger.
How much time do you use on makeup everyday?
Well, I don’t use makeup for daily use. But when I go out I use 30-45 mins to get my makeup done, depends on how much time I have.
Do you get all your sarees from VA collections? What other places do you buy indian/tamil clothes?
Nope, I do not. I love VA collections sarees as you might have figured from me posting so much photos wearing their sarees haha! But I also get my desi clothes from Saankri Label or shops in London.
What does your husband think about your style?
I haven’t asked him about his opinion but sometimes he used to complain if I wear dresses or kilinchu pona jeans 😛 I hate to wear accessories or jewellery when I wear sarees. A year ago I always go with a big jumka with sarees. He hates it! He always says I look like a pichakaari without jewellery and bangles. Haha. So yes, that’s his opinion.
What do you do to relax, since you travel and work alot?
Right now I feel really relaxed if that kind of answers the question haha. I want to do something, I want to work more. When I’m at home if there are no bridal works, I would just be eating, sleeping and eating. That is also the massive contribution in me gaining 5 kg in the past half year. So I just started to work with my husband in the office. Doing some paper works, also since that is the only way I can really get to know how he looks after his business lol… And when my studio is done it would be much better for me!
How do you keep your hair so thick? I love it ! I love when tamil girls blog. Keep up your good work :)!
Thankyou so much, I’m glad you like it! Eating healthily is a huge factor to hair growth. I had some problems with dry scalp and lost a lot of hair. So I’m using a shampoo I got from my doctor (prescribed) and that helps a lot.
Which primer did you use ?
For the face I use Nars, Mac and Too Faced. Sometimes I don’t even use primer.
On your last post in February did you mention about a good news, which you will tell us. And what is the good news? We all are so curious *.*
Haha, aww feels good to know that you looked out for that. I have already wrote a post about the good news. The good news is that my brother in law is getting married this year, august 2017.
Can you give tips how to maintain a long distance relationship? had you any problem? How do you communicate? Have you ever had the fear, when he has no more feeling for you?
Yes, it was really hard the first 2 years. We did fight a lot and it was a lot of misunderstanding. It’s hard to trust each other when you are in the beginning of a relationship. We fought so much that we both never thought we will end up together. But luckly we did! We have been through some hard times and some memorable times that still keep us together, specially our love story made us meant to be. But as you know, every relationship has ups and downs but as long as you maintain a decent amount of respect for each other, communication becomes easy.
Can you make a makeup video?
I have promised you guys that I would be doing a makeup video when my studio is ready so I will definitely do that soon as my makeup studio is ready.
Where did you get the orange salwar with flowers, which you are revolving in a insta-video?
That salwar with flowers is from Southall in London. I bought it for 25 pounds.